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 What is a keto diet?

A keto diet means that you eat fewer carbohydrates and a higher proportion of healthy fats. I show you how to eat natural fats and reduce your intake of sugar and starches and still loss weight turning your body into a fat burning machine by losing stubborn unwanted fat and keep it off.

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Bariatric Life Style Coaching

For those struggling with weight regain or an extended plateau. Find the structure, support and moti

 Learn what successful patients know. Books, Classes, Workshops, Webinars & eLearning. 

Bariatric R.E.S.E.T


Even the most committed and successful weight loss patients sometimes lose focus, slide off track, and feel out of control. When that happens it’s time for a Bariatric R.E.S.E.T. Learn More

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Researched-based, surgeon recommended. Learn what successful patients know. Books, Classes, Workshops, Webinars & eLearning

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I work with WLS patients because I understand the physical and mental challenges that an individual will go through, I was not prepared for the journey as a WLS patient. However most of my life has resolved around losing weight only to gain it back which only caused more damage to an already suffering self esteem. I understand today that the battle of losing weight involved other issues in our lives that need to be confronted and understood. It may not be about a lack of will power but rather underlining issues of self worth. Even after the weight is gone the pain remain inside, and therefore regain is just around the corner. Today I understand education and support are the  keys to success and I believe working with WLS patients has helped me be successful in using the tool and gift of WLS. 

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I have dedicated my life to living healthier and teaching others how to be successful at a lifestyle worth living

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